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not-ashamed-of-my-assassin-roots asked:
It was always a shame to dance alone, especially when he was so well versed in it and so he outstretched a hand, offering her it so that she could dance at least with somebody.





My muse is dancing alone. Your muse walks in on them. - What does your muse do? Laugh? Offer to dance too? Start beatboxing? Stay there, entranced?

The Templar had been cleaning up her cabin, getting caught up while humming an old song. She flinches at Haytham’s appearance and offer.

"I— Am afraid I’m not too well at dancing with a partner." The blonde admits, gently taking his hand. "It’s nothing I’d really had the opportunity to try."

The teasing had suddenly turned into something else entirely or at least judging by the hand on his hip it had. “I have certain standards. I assure you I’m not just saying my words with no basis.” The thoughts of the actual dance couldn’t have been further away as they stopped in the middle of her room.

She tilts her head.

   ”Actions speak louder than words, in some cases.”

Pan narrows her eyes, stepping back with Haytham. She’s not sure where this is going just yet. 

"I would hasten to agree but then my words are my bond." He blinked before shaking his head. The blush was unmistakable and he was clearly deeply embarrassed now. "What exactly is going on here? I don’t wish to be blunt but it seems that we have suddenly started to speak about the possibility of me remaining here tonight almost by accident."

She suddenly smiles out of embarrassment. “I-I— Well….” Pan furrows her brows, moving to the center of the room. “Is that was is going to happen? I’m not sure how much that idea appeals to you. With someone like myself, at least.” She chuckles.
Pan dips her head.
"If anything more happens, surely— you have better taste than myself." She adds.

gentile-auditore asked:
"Bernardo, I made sweets. Do you want any?"





The large young teen’s face brightens. “Ah, everything smells so wonderful.” He beams. “Si, si. I’d love some. What did you make?” He leans down with curiosity.

She folds her hands behind her back and thinks for a moment before replying.

"Anything, I suppose. How about you begin with where you grew up?"

He chuckles, looking up slightly fondly. 

   ”Anguillara Sabazia… It’s far from Rome, but it’s a decently sized town situated on a lake.” Bernardo replies. “Very nice in the summer time.” He nods.

"So I have heard." She hums. "I have heard that it is quite peaceful there, si?"

He nods. “Very. There are almost no fights on the street. Most of the reason I came here was because my Mother had been killed, so I sought a more exciting life. She kept me there. Even with the sadness and grief of her passing, I had to change. I needed a whole new change of scenery.” Bernardo says.


(Trager no)

[i fe lls asle p

ti e f or bed]

Send me rumors that your character has heard about mine.

Anonymous asked:
Subject 32. Speak.

The woman goes rigid. The phrase triggers something repressed in the back of her mind. 

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Anonymous asked:
Magic anon! Pan is now a little girl again. Lasts for 2 days. Have fun!



"Where’s Oro…?”

"He’ll be all nice and clean when you get him back. You should start taking better care of it."

"I take very good care of him." The little girl protests. "And he takes care of me too. He’s a brave lion." Pan insists.



                           an amused growl came from the Queen at her
                           fellow Monarch’s reaction, tail curling around
                           herself slowly. While Pan was rather skilled 
                           when it came to sneaking about, it was almost
                           impossible to do such with Adrastia. She could
                           smell her—hear her.  

                                “ better luck next time, my friend. " she replied,
                                    bringing her head lower to the blonde rider. 

                 ” —-I fair well. And what of yourself?
                     I do hope your wounds are healing. 


Pan watches her look down and get closer to the human. She reaches and gently pats Ad’s snout before responding properly.

"I feel foolish— Astell and Serpe have to help me around sometimes." She sighs. "The wounds are healing, but not as fast as I’d like them to at all." The Queen leans forward, taking a moment to slowly rub her face out of exhaustion.

"Sleep has been near impossible. Though it’s good to hear you fare well."