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(Alrighty guys- I have a four and a half hour drive by myself ahead of me. I’ll let you all know when I’m safe and home! Plus replies!
Have a great day!)

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(Yeah I know he’s right about the antler, but he meant the chin thing in a more ‘it’s too pointy’ way I think
I’m just frustrated beyond belief because we can’t sketch out guidelines and I want to rip my hair out)

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(Internally sobbing
The antler is too thick and my professor thinks the chIN IS TOO ‘ASIAN’)

[“Getting all Dalish on Orlesian nobles”

I’m crYING]

[+] protectorofconduits

Pan is brushing ash off of her arms, her form bursting out from the flame of a torn, flipped and burning APC. She stretches. The pyrokinetic turns to leech some of the fire out before turning around in freezing.

   Mustering up some courage, her name is spat from her mouth.




[okay bed time for me bc 1. i have two classes tomorrow and 2. i’m driving home for the weekend fkfkhdsfa

i’ll knab replies when i can tomorrow b ye]



the creature remains in the same place it had been before Pan passed out, lying down on its side  as it regards her mutely. It’s good to see that her restorative powers worked—Tsenban wouldn’t have known what to do if for some reason they decided to quit on her at such a key moment. (Which is unlikely, but that does not quell her anxiety.)

the tigress lifts her head, craning her neck around to watch Pan curiously as she cautiously moves around. To herself, she observes the red stain bloomed across Pan’s shirt.

            ❝ Do you usually involve
              yourself in dangerous
              things, ❞ Tsenban asks,
              eloquent and polite.

the Goddess’ voice dances around Pan’s head like a graceful ballet, tinkling and airy and adorably amused. You could hear the smile in her voice if you listened closely. The large cat stretched out next to her looks a regular golden tabby tiger, but with the telepathic communication it’s obvious there’s something more.

Her eyes are filled with a frantic observation of the golden tiger, looking her over at a rapid pace. She’s not quite sure what she’s done to get any of this. Pan takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself in front of the seemingly docile creature. 

   It’s only when she speaks inside her head that it almost scares her.

She said something— Inside her head? Telepathy? Pan is confused, still keeping her eyes firmly trained on the other. “I— Y-yes. I do. It’s my occupation.” The master assassin says shakily. She gulps to clear her sore throat, voice hoarse. 

She sits up on her knees, moving a little closer. 

      “How are you able to speak to me? Did— You heal me?”

Your follower count is what Pokémon you are. What kind of Pokémon are you?



If your count is higher than 719, then divide by 2 until you reach the first number to land in the 1 - 719 range and round up!

I’m currently a Treecko.

Here’s a link to a numerated list of all known pokemon (check the Ndex column-the Sdex refreshes each generation).

"I heard water balloons."

She stammers.


"Those weren’t mine."

archxeus asked:
-Water Type'd Arceus standing in the distance-

Immense fear of drowning—

   Plus water-type pokemon god-


     Hello again.”

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