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Assassins meeting.


"Personally I like t’ refer t’ meself as recyclin’. Usable an’ can bite ya in the arse if not taken care of properly." The sound he makes is a little like a laugh but when he’s told to put the man out of his misery he looks up, eye blazing. "Now now now… I come ‘n here, takin’ care of me own business. Makin’ sure not t’ rile up too much of a reaction as t’ get ya all worried but enough t’ let ya know someone’s here. An’ this ‘s what’cha do? Frankly, ‘m offended."

But, complying with her wishes he produces a blade from his pocket. It’s small and hardly something he would’ve brought with him had he known that some other people were going to be joining the party. A throat is slit and he comes away with a splash of blood on his face and a spamming man on the floor.


"Now what exactly is it that ‘cha want?" 

"The more you recycle something the less and less recognizable it becomes." Pan says, tilting her head as she raises an eyebrow smoothly. 

   The woman watches him. She feels like all of this is out of her reach— It’s uncomfortable how much pleasure he seems to derive from torturing this man. It’s all too familiar with her past as she shifts her feet with unease. 

"That’s exactly what I want to know." Pan states. Her eyes linger on the writhing man as he stills. Her head tilts back to the other. "What is your business, and who was that man?"

   She curls her lip back. “What is stopping me from killing you-?” 

A Different Revolution||Closed



         There was no point in talking to this person

     if they wasn’t going to answer. He was just

     wasting breath. He continued to follow her

     down the wall, jumping from wall to wall

     grabbing board from board and doing little twists

     here and there to help him descend down.

     Once he landed he started to walk forward

     past the other just slightly, but his eyes catches

     her movement in the corner of his eyes.

          Turning around, he watched as they pulled

     their sword free from it’s holster. What were

     they doing? Furrowing his eyebrows together

     he stepped back slightly. He knew they were a

     traitor… Unsheathing his own, he held it in

     front of him continued to step back.

The older master assassin crouches slightly— poised like a snake preparing to strike. Her feet move carefully with calculated precision while her green eyes observe the other. He strikes her as the man to become impatient— Hopefully she’s right. Her sword is aimed outward while they exchange nothing in the silent alleyway. 

    You are an assassin. 

         Show me— Prove it. 

Pan thinks to herself.

5th Annual-||Closed


At the firing of the rifle, Lupo spun around, now facing the direction it came from. Undoubtedly someone had begun their hunt, and he decided to find out who.

With all the grace and silence of a cat, the man lowered himself from his perch and took to the shadows to pursue the source of the gunshot.

Pan and her group are already moving quickly along a line. One on the ground— Ben. The rest move above on the rooftops. 

Niko is quick to flash Pan with another signal. A couple running from some thugs. They’ve got dogs too. The lion-masked woman tries to observe for as long as she can. Blunt objects— This is something she can help with. 

   ”Take the dogs. Ben and I will handle the others.” 

She slips down to join her large companion, and together they sneak around. Two shots take both dogs out, the men looking considerably confused while the other two silent assailants take position. The rooftop guard slips back into silence. 



"Aw come on! Ya didn’t put that pas’ ya’? That was like…months ago? I jus’ always assumed ya’ wer’ on yer period or somethin.’"

It’s possible to see the heat radiate up and off her forearms. 

"Just because a woman is angry or upset has nothing to do with them being on their period or not.” Pan growls. “Take me for instance— You always manage to




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Fifteen Fluffy One-Liners
1. "Will you cuddle with me?"
2. "Can we hold hands?"
3. "You're really soft."
4. "You smell nice."
5. "I like you. A lot."
5. "Can I play with your hair?"
6. "Stop making me get lost in your eyes."
7. "I'll share the blankets with you."
8. "I'm here for my daily hugs and kisses."
9. "You're cute."
10. "I wanna be your cuddle buddy."
11. "Let's spend the day in bed."
12. "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
13. "Let me love you!"
14. "I'm cold. Come closer."
15. "You can put your cold feet on me."

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