Current M!A: Werewolf, 3 days {Accepting}
|With the enemy again|Closed RP with theborgiageneral|

The woman huffed. There was already one painful session in the animus. Her body ached. "Why do they want me back? After all these years…" She coughed out. They had her hands bound behind her back, locked in a small room. The scientists would come and collect her when they wanted to shove her back in that damned machine.

For now, she thought it best to think of a way out… There was no doubt Abstergo wouldn’t let her go as easily as she had last time. How that small girl had escaped before was beyond them… But she sighed. The captured woman was alone now. Her body trembled slightly from exhaustion.

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    A look of pure hatred grew on her face. The assassin fought back the feelings from her own ancestor that flooded to her...
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    "I went willingly, to learn of my past. So allow me to introduce my ancestor." He turned and gave her a perfect courtly...